Monday, July 28, 2008

Random Fact Monday #2

Ok, so I did not have time to do a random fact last Monday, but here is this week's! This week's random fact is about me!!! It is not funny, or anything spectacular, but it is a random fact. Here goes...
Growing up, my great-grandma lived right next door to us. I used to go to her house all the time. When I was 5 and in kindergarten, I would get off the school bus and go to her house while my mom was still at work. We lived in the country but had quite a few neighbors. One day when I got off the school bus one of our neighbors' dogs were out of the yard and it attacked me. I was in my grandma's front yard and the dog had me on the ground and it was on top of me. My grandma was eventually able to distract the dog and scare him off. It's toenails tore up my chest and I had to get stiches in several places on my face from his teeth. If you look really close, I still have a small scar on the right side of my jaw. I don't remember a whole lot about the recovery process, but I do know the event never made me fearful of dogs, which I am thankful for. Anyway, that is my random fact for today!