Monday, January 26, 2009

Please Pray for Cora

Meet Cora Paige McClenahan...

This is Joel, Jess, and Cora McClenahan...

Many of you reading this already know, but I'm sure many of you don't. We have some friends, Joel & Jess McClenahan, thier 10 month little girl, Cora, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer on Friday. She had surgery Friday to remove a tumor next to her kidney, they also found spots on her liver. She will start chemo this week. I know so many people are praying for Cora and her family, this is all so hard to understand. My heart aches for them, I cannot even begin to comprehend the pain they are feeling.

PLEASE pray for Cora, pray that her body responds well to the chemo treatments, and pray for her family in this difficult time.
You can read about their journey and keep up on the latest updates by clicking or

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, it has been awhile since I blogged about anything. We've had alot going on in our life lately. We recently made a very large decision. In the near future, we are going to be moving. We're moving to the Liberal, KS/Turpin, Ok area, the area I grew up in. Richard is currently applying at several companies in that area and we will move as soon as he gets a job. Our house officially goes up for sale tomorrow, Monday, January 26. The decision to make this move has not been an easy one. We have discussed and prayed about this for quite some time now. One major factor we took into account was family, or maybe I should say, the lack of family around here. Most of Richard's family lives in Memphis, TN and most of my family lives in OK. Richard and I both ended up in Newton to attend Bethel College, and afterwards, we just stayed. We didn't really have any reason to stay, we just did. We got married, and eventually bought our house here. Not having family close by was something we always missed, but never really thought of it as being a problem. ~Until we had kids. It is SO hard to have kids and to never have anyone around to help. (Those of you who have family close by to help with your kids when you need something, you are so lucky!) If Richard gets a job before our house sells, we will go ahead and move and just stay with my parents for a little while. We are excited about all of this, but also nervous/scared/and a little sad. So, that is what is going on in our life right now! We need lots of prayers as we pack up our house and start this new chapter in our lives. We have LOTS of things to do over the next few weeks, including having a baby! By the way, I am now about 35 along, it has gone by SO fast!!!