Tuesday, July 1, 2008


This past weekend our church small group went on a camping trip to Marion Reservoir. We recently bought a 6 person tent at a garage sale for only $20! We thought that it was a great deal and couldn't wait to try it out on our camping trip. We weren't sure how Abby would react to camping, but came to the conclusion she would be fine. We took along her pack-n-play for her to sleep in and of course an air mattress for us to sleep on :) We were very wrong about assuming Abby would be fine with camping. She wouldn't go to sleep, she screamed and cried and we ended up abandoning our stuff and coming home a little before midnight on Friday night. And to top things off, the zipper on the door of our tent broke so we probably couldn't have stayed the night even if Abby had cooperated. I guess our $20 buy wasn't so great after all :( But we did get to go back to Marion all day Saturday, thanks to my aunt and uncle watching Abby for the day. We had alot of fun!!! During our not-so-much-camping trip, both Richard and I experienced alot of firsts. Richard had his first S'more (and really liked it), we piched a tent for the first time (even though we didn't get to sleep in it), Richard rode in a boat for the first time, and I went tubing for the first time ever.

My hubby in a boat for the first time EVER...

Us on the boat, me about to go tubing... Just so you know, after I finally got the hang of actually staying on the tube, I wiped out really hard. (Lots of sore muscles the next day, but man it was fun!!!)

Richard trying to catch a big one...

Abby just loves going to the lake, so since she was so good at my aunt and uncle's on Saturday, we decided to go to East Lake on Sunday with Abby (East lake is only like 5 minutes away.) We fished, swam, and cooked out hot dogs. Richard even caught a 3-4 pound catfish!!! Way to go daddy!!!
Even though camping didn't go quite as planned, we do plan to give it another shot before the summer is over. Next time we plan plan on buying a new tent, so that we don't have zipper problems again. Hopefully next time Abby will cooperate. All in all, it was a great weekend!!!


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