Friday, November 28, 2008

We got tagged!

Tis the season to be 'tagged'? I have never been tagged, and now I have been tagged 2 times in one week. Once by our friends the Smith's and another time by our friends the Friesen's! Our blogging has been few and far between for the last month or so. It seems things have been so busy lately! But, now I have a good reason to quit procrastinating. So, here it goes!!

Husband's name: Richard Wallace. Richard's dad is named Richard. Richard's brother's name is Richard, and he has a son named Richard! Wow, lots of Richard's!! My husband Richard, doesn't even have a middle name. Well, the tradition stops here. No more Richard's from us!

How long married: 3 years this past June, so about 3 1/2 years now.

Date how long: 2 years 8 months. Wow, that is quite awhile!

How old is he: turned 28 this past July.

Taller: Him! by 6 or 7 inches!

Who can sing best: probably him. He's a pretty good singer when he wants to be. I always hated singing, especially in front of people.

Smart: I'm not gonna lie, that would be him all the way! I always struggled to get through school and sometimes I don't have very good common sense. He always got A's in high school and is great at math subjects. In fact, doing math is something he has always kinda enjoyed. And if it comes to doing anything with his hands, he is great at it! He can fix pretty much anything!

Laundry: That is one big struggle in our house!!! I despise doing laundry. Not so much the washing and drying part, but the folding up and putting away part. If I ask really nice, he will sometimes help me with that part though!

Paying bills: Me! Richard hates dealing with money. He says he would like to be more active in helping with this, but so far it's just me doing it.

Who sleeps on the right side: Well, if your laying in bed, he's on the right side.

Mows the lawn: Him. Not that I'm opposed to mowing, but that is just something that he always does.

Cooks dinner: Richard used to cook all the time before we got married. That pretty much stopped once we got married, though. I don't really mind cooking, as long as he entertains Abby while I'm doing it.

First to admit their wrong: We are both really stubborn and neither one like to admit this. Usually he is the one to give in first and apologize, though.

Who kissed first: He kissed me. And honestly I wasn't to sure about the whole thing. We weren't really dating yet, and I wasn't positive I liked him all that much.

Who wears the pants: We each have different opinions that we bring to our marriage. But ultimately, he makes the big decisions.
And here is my wonderful husband!!! I love you!
Now, I tag Jennalee E. and Christy B. Have fun!!!