Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday I learned that Air Supply, the band, is coming to Wichita this weekend!!! I am so bummed about this though. I will be out of town doing a jewelry show on Saturday during the concert. I am a huge Air Supply fan!! I grew up listening to them, and I love their music. Richard is majorly ANTI-Air Supply, so you can imagine his excitement when learning we would not be able to attend this amazing event! What bums me out even more is that this concert is FREE, how much better could it get!!!! Maybe someday I will get to see them... Until then, I will have to settle for listening to the CD's I have. Do I have any 'Air Supply fan' friends out there? I know you are, Christy. I'm tellin ya, you should go and video tape it for me, I would love you forever!!!


Collin, Andrea, and Ava said...

who is that? old rock and roll? hehe. i'm probably with Richard on that one...hehe

The Wallace's said...

Oh man, you should definately go to the concert so you can be educated on Air Supply :-) Yes, it is old rock.