Saturday, September 20, 2008

In regards to... last post, I have to share one of my favorite blogs with you. I had said at the end of my last post that I was in need of a good applesauce recipe, and I just remembered a SUPER easy applesauce recipe that I'm going to try! The recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs. You may have seen the link on the right side of my page, but in case you haven't ever checked out her page, you should do it NOW!!! Seriously, her blog is the best! It is A Year Of Crockpotting. This lady made it her 2008 New Year Resolution to make something in her crockpot, every day during the year of 2008! WOW!! She is so far sucessful in her goal. She has even been on Rachael Ray talking about her 2008 goal. Everyday she posts a recipe that she made the previous day. She writes the ingredients, then posts a picture of the ingredients, then tells you how to make it, then posts a picture of the results, then tells you her verdict-whether or not her family liked it. I have to admit, I would NEVER make some of the recipes she posts, but some of them look and sound really good! Anyway, it is still fun to read and look at. Well, last week she made Applesauce in the crockpot! It sounds so super easy, and looks really good. I think I will try this recipe because I am all for anything easy! I hope the recipe turns out as good as it sounds because I plan on making a whole crockpot full and then freezing some in jars. I will let you know my stay tuned!

Go check out her blog,
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Apple pickin'

We have some friends that told us about a farm where we could go pick some fresh apples. This made me really excited because I have never picked anything off a bush or tree, so I wanted to go do it! I thought it would be fun for us as a family to go pick some apples together. So, we were off! Richard was not excited-to say the least. He thought of a million other things he would rather do on a beautiful Saturday morning, and none of those things involved apples. But, with the pursuasion of his wife, he came along. When we arrvied, I was amazed at how many apples were on the trees. Immediately, Richard started looking at all of the beautiful red apples hanging and started in picking them. Abby roamed around a bit, jabbered alot, and started eating an apple she found on the ground (it was ok, no worm holes or bugs). She then just sat there on the ground, ate her apple, and watched us try to reach the apples that were way up high (they were the prettiest ones-of course). We took a laundry basket to put the apples in and once it was about 3/4 way full, we decided we better stop. When were loading the car, I realized I had forgot my camara at home. That would have been such a good opportunity to take some fun pictures! Oh, well. We decided on the way home that we are going to make this a fall family tradition, every year we will go pick apples! It was alot of fun, even Richard admited he had a good time!
Now, what am I going to do with a laundry basket full of apples??? I have no idea!! Maybe make some applesauce, or cut up and freeze some for pies or apple dumplings to make this winter. ~Now, if only I knew how to do any of that! Anybody know of a good applesauce recipe? Or if there is secret to freezing apples? If so, send your ideas my way!