Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Richard's birthday. He is the BIG 2-8 now!!!, I thought since it is Richard's birthday today, I would list some random facts about him that some of you may not know.

1. He was born in Memphis, TN. (this one is a well-known fact)
2. He moved to Newton in 2002 to play football for Bethel College.
3. He graduated from HCC in 2004.
4. He admits he would have never pictured himself living in a small town like Newton, but he will also admit that he likes it here.
5. He loves to work on cars, and fix things.
6. Fishing is a passion of his, and the other day he caught a big, well..., a big rock!!! Yes, you heard me right, a rock. How do you catch a rock??? (He catches fish too, though!!!)
7. His favorite cookie is iced oatmeal or ginger snaps.
8. His very favorite food is Mexican.
9. He wears a size 14 shoe, sometimes a size 15 depending on the brand.
10. And last but not least, he always says his birthday is "just another day" and that it is "no big deal", but you should have seen his face when he got his birthday present from me and Abby. He was glowing like a little kid! He loves presents!

So, Happy Birthday. We love you So Very Much!!!!!


The Ekeland's said...

That shoe size is amazing to me! Jennalee

Aaron and Shannon said...

happy birthday richard!! what did you get him that made him so happy?

The Wallace's said...

Fishing stuff! A nice lounge chair, an awesome new tackel box, and other fishing stuff. (Guy things, he was really excited)

Collin, Andrea, & Ava said...

where do you buy a size 14 shoe?

The Balzer's said...

Happy Birthday Richard!!! How DO you catch a rock? Don't worry, on vacation I totally though I caught something...little did I know you were suppossed to reel in pretty quickly or the hook sinks to the bottom...making me THINK I caught something!

The Wallace's said...

It is really hard to find a shoe taht fits. Sometimes we ge lucky at stores, otherwise we have to order them.