Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy times

Our lives have been SO, SO, SO busy this fall (which is why I am failing miserably at blogging)!!! Richard and I are both in school right now, we are both still working full-time, I am still doing jewelry shows regularly, AND we are having fun with our 2 beautiful little girls! We have almost no down-time it seems. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed at everything going on in our lives, but then we realize that it won't be this hectic forever! On top of it all, Abby is now fully potty trained (except at nighttime)!!!!!! YAY!!! It was SO easy, she decided one evening that she wanted to go "pee-pee" and that was it! No more daytime diapers!
At times we may feel like we are going crazy, or like we are trying to do to much. But this is our life, and it will all be worth it! Everything we do is for these 2 beautiful little girls.