Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Sunshine

Both of the girls were so happy this morning, and looked so pretty in their dresses, I just had to take a picture of them! They are becoming quite fond of each other. Alivia watches Abby's every move and I know she can't wait to run around with her big sissy. And Abby is always so concerned about Alivia. If we are all getting out of the car, Abby repeatedly says "sissy, sissy, see sissy", she wants to make sure that we don't forget to get "sissy" out too!
These 2 little girls are our sunshine. We love them so very much!!! Adjusting to having 2 children was WAY harder than we ever imagined, but we are finally getting the hang of things.

For the last 11 weeks, Richard and I have worked separate shifts which has also made things hard on our family. We were working separate shifts to avoid the cost of daycare, (man is it expensive)!! But, starting June 1, we are going to start working the same hours and our girls will be going to daycare while we are at work. The way things are right now, with us working separate shifts, we only see each other 4 days a month and that is just not enough! We decided that having a good marriage, and having good family time on a daily basis was worth the cost of daycare. Please pray for us and our girls as this adjustment starts happening. I am so worried about sending them daycare, even though we feel good about the person we are entrusting them with. So, in the future, I am on a mission to work my Premier jewelry business to help with the cost of daycare. So if you decide you would like FREE JEWELRY, I can definitely help you out with that!
I hope you have a great Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


My mom came last weekend to see all of us. Well, she says it's to see all of us-but I think it's just to see the girls ;) She was very unaware that I was taking this picture, note that she is on the phone! We tried to get a good picture of her with the girls, but Abby was very uncooperative, so this is as good as it got!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mommy & Alivia

Here is a picture of me and Alivia taken at work this afternoon. She is getting so big!

Happy Mother's Day

This is my 2nd Mother's Day, but it is my 1st Mother's Day to Alivia. I feel so blessed that God has given us these two beautiful little girls.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


This shelf and picture is what occupies one wall of our dining room.

I absolutely love this picture of me and my mom. It was taken on our wedding day!
And, I love getting flowers!! (who doesn't)??? When Richard got home from work last night, he had this pretty, pink, long stem rose in hand!