Monday, October 31, 2011

A cheerleader, a princess, and a ladybug...

walk into a bar... HaHa...sounds like a funny joke that I'm tryin to tell, but in real life, I'm terrible at telling jokes. I ALWAYS mess up the sue me! Anyways, A cheerleader, a princess, and a ladybug is what our girls were for halloween. They were super cute!

We took them trunk or treating at a local church and then made a few stops at some "important" houses, then came home...No biggie, but they got tons of candy! Nana and papa even gave them some new books to read, and a family friend had them little goodie bags made up that included lip gloss (which a HUGE hit)!!!! When you have 3 little girls, it doesn't get much better than lip gloss, RIGHT??? Oh My...they are so girly!!!