Wednesday, May 11, 2011

out of a funk

We have been super busy the last several months. We moved in September, and have been working different shifts to avoid the cost of daycare. (and we will be moving AGAIN in 6 weeks.) I have not had time for (or not chose to spend my time) blogging. I intend to change that!!! I love recording our memories on our blog and sharing them with family and friends! I will not promise abundant blog posts in the near future...but I WILL do better than I have in the previous months!

Enjoy the pictures that have NO relevancy to this post, LOL!

My nanny on her 80th birthday in March with Aniya. This woman is so special to me, I love her so much!!! This trip to Oklahoma was hard for made my heart heavy, and made me miss family. I cried for a whole hour after we left town. It was so hard for me to see all of my family, and see the girls playing with all their cousins, and then take them away from that back to a town where we have no family. On the way home, Richard said, "It's time." And that was it, we decided it was time to move closer to family!

Our other 2 pretty girls! They are getting so big, its unbelievable!!!

We have found a place to live down there, and will be moving the end of June. My job will transfer, and Richard will spend a year finishing school. He is going back to school to do something he has always mechanics. I'm so happy he is going to be doing something he loves!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, you guys!