Monday, February 14, 2011

My loves

The 4 loves of my life!!! My wonderful husband of almost 6 years whom is always there for me, always believes in me, and always tells me how beautiful I am. I love him so much!

Our 2 oldest daughters; Abby and Alivia. These two little girls are best friends, they do EVERYTHING together! They bring us lots of joy and laughter. They are getting so big, and their personalities show in everything they do!

Our baby, our very LAST baby; Aniya! We are so blessed and lucky to have her here with us! She's the baby that God planned for our family! She is such a happy baby, and we love seeing her smiling face everyday!
We look forward to all the life adventures of having 3 little girls.
*And, Miss Niya just learned to crawl yesterday!!!

I love these 4 people more than anything!


Paula said...

the girls are getting so big! they are beautiful.. i love reading about them! it's been a while, i missed you guys!