Friday, April 2, 2010

Going to the Zoo

We went to the zoo this week. It was an amazing day, a lot windy, but it felt great! This is only the 2nd time Abby has been to the zoo, and the 1st time for Alivia. To say that Abby was excited, would be an understatement! She loved everything about the zoo, especially the elephants and snakes! When going through the reptile and amphibian building, she kept saying, "Oh my goodness, a snake. Oh my goodness, another snake. Oh my goodness, see the frogs!!!" She uses the phrase "oh my goodness" quite is so funny to hear a 2 year-old say that. We went on a Thursday hoping it wouldn't be to busy. We were happy to see that there was hardly anyone there. Yay for everyone being in school and at work :)

We tried several times to get Alivia to get out of the stroller and look at things, but she wanted NO parts of it!!! She was perfectly happy sitting in her seat looking at the animals. Actually, when we tried to get her out and hold her, she started crying and reaching for the stroller again. Whatever...
We have a great double stroller and Abby rode alot too. But when she didn't want to ride, and was tired from walking, this is where she ended up...
The tiger just laid there and stared at her like she was funny looking or something! Well, I guess to him, she probably is funny looking... :)

We had a great day!!! And when we got home, the girls took a 4 hour nap!


Anonymous said...

Everyone looks like they had a great time !Thanks for sharing the pics with us.I miss you guys Nana!