Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 Things I LOVE!!!

The warm weather is making me HAPPY! I don't even care if it's gloomy outside, as long as it's warm! I LOVE springtime, it's my favorite season! I thought I would make a list of some of the things I LOVE!

1.) First of all, I LOVE these 2 little girls! They are so sweet and they are growing up so fast. This picture was before church this morning, we were getting ready to leave and Abby said "Mommy, take a picture, take a picture!" (I think she gets that from my mom, my mom is addicted to taking pictures. And Abby LOVES to have her picture taken :)

Aren't they beautiful!!!!!

2.) I LOVE my hard working husband! He works so hard for us, and we all appreciate him SO much!

3.) I LOVE going to church and feeling like the sermon is speaking to me! I often leave church feeling like the pastor was addressing whatever has been troubling me.
4.) I LOVE hearing the birds outside. I have the back window open right now and can hear the birds singing.

5.) I LOVE coffee....Lots of creamer, 2 sugars... Enough said...

6.) I LOVE the way a clean house smells! Nothing is better than being in a clean house.

7.) I LOVE thunderstorms! We are supposed to be getting some in the next day or two, and I can't wait!

8.) I LOVE happy hour at Sonic! A LARGE Vanilla Dr. Pepper for $.90, it doesn't get better than that!

9.) I LOVE summertime hot dogs! Ya know, cooked on the grill...kinda crispy black on the outside...MMMmmmm....No kidding, I could eat like 6 at a time!!! The absolute BEST summer food EVER!!!!!!

10.) I LOVE my kids, but also LOVE the peace and quiet of night-time. When the girls have gone to bed and there are no noise-making toys in the background, no one yelling "Mommy" for the 1,354,869,209,832 time that day, and there is nothing to do but relax...awww...peace and quiet!


Utecht Family said...

I LOVE seeing pics of your girls - they are precious!! We're praying for you! Trusting the One who created the life within you to protect and guide you during this time.