Sunday, April 19, 2009


Richard and I have to work every other weekend, and we had to work last weekend- which was Easter. I didn't really think it would be a big deal to work on Easter because we had already planned to have our Easter the following weekend (this weekend). But, Easter Sunday came and I was kind of sad because I wasn't home getting the girls ready for church in their Easter dresses and giving them their baskets from the 'Easter Bunny'. It all turned out ok though, and today we celebrated Easter!
Here are the girls' baskets! Well, instead of putting Abby's stuff in a normal basket, we got her a Dora purse and filled it with stuff!

Here are the girls right after church in their matching dresses that their grammi and pops bought for them! They were so adorable this morning!
Abby was laying beside Alivia giving her kisses.

Alivia waiting patiently in her swing before church. She's holding her bunny blanket she got in her Easter basket! Doesn't she look pretty?


Easter Dresses said...

Their matching outfits are so adorable!