Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"I suppose that's the way God made it..."

Richard and I first started attending a small group at our church when we were pregnant with Abby. I remember a discussion one evening soon after we started attending where our friend Adam Utecht was giving his insight on the feelings you have about your child going through different stages as they grow up. He said, "When Hannah was a little baby, I thought that it was the best stage-I loved it! I didn't want her to grow up. But as she got bigger and learned new things, I thought, No-this is the best, this is my favorite stage." He was making a point that with each new stage their daughter entered, it soon became his favorite.
Well, Richard and I were not parents yet and didn't really understand exactly what he meant. Since we now have 2 children, I have often reflected on that discussion and thought how completely true his words are. I remember when Abby was a small baby, I thought that I never wanted her to get bigger or grow up. But, with each new thing she learned, and each new stage she entered, I found myself feeling proud of her and soon realized that I loved it when she was a baby, but I also loved watching her grow. I have felt exactly what Adam was describing, each stage Abby enters, soon becomes my favorite! Alivia is still very small, but I find myself already having these same feelings towards her.
Richard and I work different shifts, but there is about 1 hour in the afternoon where our shifts overlap. Joy Will (Jennalee Ekeland's mom) is kind enough to watch the girls for that 1 hour each day. Joy is an amazing woman and we are very grateful for her willingness to watch them. Abby just loves seeing her and Joy is great with Alivia! Today when I picked up the girls, Joy said, "Don't you just love it when their this small" (referring to Alivia). I told her I did love it, but then told her about my feelings towards the different stages and how in the moment, each stage is my favorite. Her response was, "I suppose that's the way God made it." This response justifies everything you feel as a parent. With each stage or season of life, God makes you proud and thankful for what you have. I am so very thankful each day that God has given us 2 beautiful little girls to raise and love. They are such a blessing, and we will continue to enjoy each of the stages they go through in life!