Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taste of Newton

The taste of Newton is the event that officially kicks off the fall season for me! It is so fun to go out to Main St. the 1st Thursday in October every year, eat good food and see friends you have'nt seen in a long time! Every year at the Taste of Newton, we see lots of friends, some friends that we went to Bethel with, some whom we have'nt seen since the previous year at Taste of Newton. (I know it's kind of pathetic, we live in the same town but don't keep in regular touch with old friends. Oh well, I guess that's how life goes sometimes...) Well, if you are planning on being on Main St. this evening eating LOTS of GREAT food-we will see you there!!! I can't wait!


The Balzer's said...

see you tonight...YMMMMMM!!!

Kendall Smith said...

Yep--we'll be there!! Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Aaron and Shannon said...

yea- we were there, but there were SOOOO many people. hope you had fun! we ate some good food!