Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Saturday so far...

BEWARE!!! This is pretty long, but read and feel just a little bit of compassion for me...

Saturday's are usually my very favorite day of the week! Here is a typical Saturday at our house:

*Abby wakes up 8-8:30, Richard goes in and gets her. Brings her back to our bedroom and we play for a little bit while I'm still trying to wake up.
*Richard and Abby watch cartoons while I cook breakfast. We always have a big breakfast on Saturday mornings! After breakfast we all get dressed and ready for the day.
*At some point during the day, we usually go to Wichita or Hutchinson. We go to stores, or to eat supper and to just give us something to do!
*Abby takes a nap.
*I clean up the house, Richard messes around outside. When Abby wakes up, we usually go to the park and let her run off some energy.
*Come home, relax, watch a movie together and spend the rest of the evening playing.
*Abby goes to bed about 7pm, we watch movies and be lazy till we are ready for bed.
Ok, so our Saturday probably sounds pretty boring, but we like it like that! It is the one day a week where we don't really have to be anywhere, and can do whatever we want.

Well, here is how today has gone so far:
*Richard gets up at 6am to go to work. (He NEVER works on Saturdays, but he had to today)
(that also means no family breakfast, or spending the day relaxing)
*Abby gets up at 8am and is very cranky. She walks to every room in the house saying "DaDa, DaDa?"
*I feed her, then chase her around trying to fix her hair while she runs and yells because she doesn't want her hair fixed. I finally win, then I go get myself ready for the day. I have tons of things to do today because Abby and I will be out of town ALL week next week.
*I put her in the car and head to the car wash. I am cleaning out the crumbs under Abby's seat and she starts screaming for no reason. I tell her to cut it out! She slaps me in the face and yells "DON'T!" I slap her hand and tell her NO, she cries for 5 minutes.
*I call Richard and tell him that HIS daughter is driving me nuts! He says he has to go because he has another phone call.
*We head to Conklin to get the oil changed before our long trip next week. They tell me the soonest opening they have is Monday morning. Ugghh...!! One more thing I have to do on Monday before we can leave...
*Go to Kwik Shop to get gas. Man it is so packed there, I think that is where everyone in town gets gas! Wait in line, then remember I have my Dillon's card to get 10 extra cents off! Wow, only $2.69/gallon. As crazy as this sounds, it made me a little happy!
*Decide I need a latte to take me to a happy place. Get Abby, head inside Kwik Shop. Get my mocha latte, then look for some crackers to get Abby. While looking for crackers, Abby decides she doesn't want to walk anymore. She lays down on her back in the middle of the isle. Some old man laughs while walking by as I'm trying to pick her up and not drop the crackers or spill my latte everywhere. I check out, and carry her to the car.
*I needed to go to Wal-Mart, but decide it's not even worth the trouble!
*We go home. While getting out of the car. Abby wants to walk, (OK-fine). When she realizes we are going into the house, she decides she doesn't want to walk anymore and her legs become like jell-o. I pick her up, she yells.
*I heat her up some Chef-Boyardee ravoli (healthy, I know) and pray she eats fast so she can go lay her down for a nap and give me some peace and quiet.
*She eats, I lay her down. Aaahhh...quietness!!
And to think, it's not even noon!


Collin, Andrea, and Ava said...

hehe! that sounds about like MY 'normal' saturday! YOUR normal saturday sounds like lots more fun!
hope the rest of the day goes better for you! Good luck!

Aaron and Shannon said...

I feel you! On friday, Eli took a morning (not usual) and then proceeded to only sleep for 20 minutes in the afternoon! They have their days and it always seems to be with your by ourself with them! Good luck!

Kendall Smith said...

That's too bad. Those days are so frustrating! Thank goodness for coffee and naps!! :-)