Thursday, September 2, 2010

Introducing....Aniya Rose Wallace!

Aniya Rose Wallace was born Aug. 4, 2010 at 7:35 a.m.

Here are the VERY proud big sisters meeting her for the 1st time!!!!!!!!

Neither one of them knew what to think the 1st time they heard her cry.

On our way home...she decided she was hungry!

3 weeks. old.

We are so thankful that she is finally here. There were LOTS of people praying for her safe arrival, and prayers were answered!

We had lots of complications throughout most of her pregnancy. When I went in for my 32 week appointment with the specialist, we got AMAZING news!!!! The doctor told us after our sonogram- that our baby was healthy, I was healthy and the previous complications had fully resolved! Richard and I decided that she {our baby} needed an EXTRA special name because she was such a blessing and we were so thankful that God healed us! We searched and searched for a fitting name, and came upon the name Aniya... Aniya means "God answered." We found this name to be perfect because so many people had been praying for us for months, and God answered everyone's prayers!

Our family is finally complete! 3 little girls occupy our house, and it is going to be lots of fun over the next MANY years!


The Koehns said...

Came across your blog on my sister-in-law's page (Sarah Friesen). We, too, just had our third girl this summer (6/29) after a complicated pregnancy. Wishing you and your angels all the best!