Monday, June 7, 2010

Lunch Date and a Flashback

It was pouring rain today, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE rainy days. Richard and I had a lunch date at home. A $5 pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's, Red Cream Soda, chocolate candy bars, and a FREE Redbox movie! Doesn't get much better... oh ya, AND we had 2 sleeping girls...

1/2 way through lunch, I told Richard this was a good afternoon date. His response: "Oh, this was supposed to be a date? Why didn't you tell me, I didn't know?!?!?" ...Men.

And just because I LOVE this picture, here is a flashback photo of us a little over 7 years ago. It was my 1st trip to Memphis to meet Richard's family. We went to Graceland while there, and had a great trip! We look so young here (well, I guess we were young)!!!