Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Muddy Mess

Look at this lovely hole on the west side of our house! On Saturday, Richard and I noticed a wet area in our yard. Richard got the shovel and dug a little bit, but we weren't really to worried about it...until we went out to go to church Sunday morning, and the small hole he dug was filled with water! We decided we must have a busted underground water pipe, so after church we got to digging to see if we could find it. We dug about a 4 foot deep hole and still never found the pipe. We have a friend that works for a plumbing company, and he came over and showed Richard how to turn off and on our water at the meter, so we could only turn it on when absolutely necessary. (We are VERY nervous about what our water bill is going to be next month because we don't really know how long this pipe had been busted.) So, yesterday I called around to plumbers and had them come look at our mess and give us an estimate on fixing it. They came today, fixed our problem, and we now have water again! (and a hole in our pockets $$$!)

This hole is 4 feet deep, and completely filled up with water in less than 1 hour!