Friday, February 13, 2009

Pop goes the...

...belly button??? Well, I only have a couple weeks left of being pregnant! I am very ready to be done! I have to say, being pregnant is definitely not one of my favorite things. I think that with this pregnancy, my stomach is bigger and is more ball shaped out in front. You're probably wondering why I feel the need to tell people about this...Well, I haven't blogged in awhile and the only thing I could come up with to blog about is my current belly button situation.
To start off with, my belly button has 'popped' over the last couple weeks! I know this is not uncommon with pregnant women, but when I was pregnant with Abby, my belly button never 'popped'-it just became smooth across my stomach. So it was to my surprise that I now have an outie with this pregnancy. On another belly button note... As many of you know, I was adventurous (to say the least) in college. I was always up to try something new! My adventures led to my belly button getting pierced not once, not twice, but three different times!!!! The first 2 times were by me and my friends. We pierced it once and it got really infected so I took out the belly ring and let it heal. Then, we pierced it again 6 months later. We didn't do a good job that time either, so a few months after that, I went and had it professionally done. But because I had already messed it up two previous times, it was never quite right. From that point on, I had a messed up belly button. Let me tell you, right now my belly button is not a pretty sight! I just noticed today, that because my belly is continuing to grow, the skin where my belly button is pierced is starting to tear. I don't know if all pregnant, previously pierced, belly buttons look anything like mine, but it is pretty gross looking. So the moral of this blog is... DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PIERCE YOUR OWN BELLY BUTTON! The end results are not good!
*Pictures available upon request* Ha ha, just kidding!!!


The Sieberts said...

you're so funny.

Jeremy, Jennalee and Julia Ekeland said...

YEA!!! Only a few more weeks! Did you guys move yet or are you still in town?