Monday, December 22, 2008

30 week milestone!

*Note: I started this post a couple days ago, but due to the yucky flu in our house, I am just now getting it finished. I am glad to say that the flu bug only lasted about 24 hours, and only Richard and I were sick. I am praying that Abby doesn't come down with it later.*

I can't hardly believe it's already here, this week I'm officially 30-weeks along in my pregnancy! Yay! The countdown is on!

I had a dream a couple nights ago, well, I ALWAYS have dreams when I sleep, and I can almost always remember them. Some of my dreams are very vivid, and the dream I had a couple nights ago was no exception. I dreampt that I was at the end of my pregnancy and I went to the hospital to have the baby. (Just in case we haven't told you, it's a girl, and her name will be Alivia Jane Wallace.) Well, in my dream everything went very smooth, and I held Alivia in my arms. She was so perfect and beautiful!

When I reached this point in my pregnancy with Abby, I remember that I couldn't wait for the BIG day to come when I would meet her! I was so excited about everything, about being a new mom, about getting the room ready, and mostly about meeting this little person that was going to bless our lives. Well, at this point in this pregnancy, I am definately not feeling the need to rush things along. Don't get me wrong, I am SO excited to meet our new little girl, but I am also very nervous about having a 19 month and a newborn!
We are very thankful to have a healthy toddler running around, and a healthy baby girl in my tummy. So...10 weeks left, and counting!