Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summertime fun

Summer is such a fun time of year, if you can look past the blazing heat and all the millions of bugs! We spent lots of time outside as a family, our backyard is one of our favorite spots. When we bought our house 2 years ago, our backyard was like a deserted land. It had no green life (not even weeds lived there) and there was debris everywhere. When we bought our house we inherited broken glass, shingles, bricks, and clay dirt that came with the yard (what an inheritance!) Well, we have put many, many dollars and lots of hard work and sweat into our backyard and are finally pleased with how it is coming out. We now have lots of pretty green grass and a special area just for our 2 doggies. All our hard work in the backyard is finally paying off by having a beautiful view when we look outside.

Abby is just like her daddy, she loves being outside all the time. Just recently, she has learned how to throw a FIT!!! I have to admit, it is kinda cute to see her throwing a fit, although, I know it won't be cute when she gets older. She has started to throw fits now when it is time to in from outside. She arches her back, screams, and kicks her legs when we come in. What can I say? She likes to be outside!

When we aren't playing outside, we are playing in the house. Isn't she just the prettiest little girl ever?


Kendall Smith said...

Yes!! She is just beautiful. You sure have a sweet little girl!